HOT HEADS SALON - Meet The Staff
Team Hot Heads
Our Team is among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.
Larry:  Owner/Stylist
Larry: Owner/Stylist
Marlene:  Stylist
Marlene: Stylist
Ginger:  Stylist
Ginger: Stylist
Kaitlyn:  Stylist
Kaitlyn: Stylist
Sereena:  Stylist
Sereena: Stylist
Evy:  Stylist
Evy: Stylist
Alyssa:  Stylist
Alyssa: Stylist
Katie:  Stylist
Katie: Stylist
Isabelle:  Stylist
Isabelle: Stylist
Jaime:  Stylist
Jaime: Stylist
Jess:  Stylist
Jess: Stylist
Giulia:  Stylist
Giulia: Stylist
Rhoda:  Stylist
Rhoda: Stylist
Dana:  Stylist
Dana: Stylist
Donna:  Nail Tech
Donna: Nail Tech
Nelson;  Reservationist
Nelson; Reservationist
Stephanie:  Assistant/Reservationist
Stephanie: Assistant/Reservationist
Brendan:  Assistant
Brendan: Assistant
Abbey:  Assistant
Abbey: Assistant
Danielle:  Assistant & Reservationist
Danielle: Assistant & Reservationist
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